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Bergey’s Tire hosts Grand Opening of their new Marangoni RINGTREAD Plant.

15 May 2007
Bergey's Tire Service entertained, educated and fed over 150 of their Fleet customers at a Grand Opening at their newly remodeled Perkasie, PA Retread Technologies plant, Friday, May 11th.

Bergey's Tire Service entertained, educated and fed over 150 of their Fleet customers at a Grand Opening at their newly remodeled Perkasie, PA Retread Technologies plant, Friday, May 11th. 

Bergey's spent the last six months remodeling the Perkasie plant to improve quality, efficiency and to upgrade their equipment to the latest Marangoni retreading technology.
New state of the art equipment, from inspection to curing, include the addition of the Marangoni ITT Sfera Shearographic inspection machine, a Marangoni 2500 buffer, the latest in building technology in the Marangoni RINGBUILDER 3000, the modular AZ cushion extruder and builder combination, and the latest Cure-Tech curing chambers.

Improved lighting, reflective floors, the re-designed monorail system contributed to showcase the production area.  Plant tours were enhanced by the use of a headset system that aided participants in learning the finer points of the retreading process while the plant remained in operation.   
Each tour finished in an area set up with a display of the RINGTREAD® designs, a video of the Marangoni Alpha-Ring manufacturing plant to show how the RINGTREAD® itself is manufactured and to drive home the benefits of the RINGTREAD® to the fleet owners and managers. 
A new demonstration showing the benefits of the RINGTREAD®'s double radius fitment finished off the tour.  Start to finish education for all who attended.

It was a well organized event with the whole “Bergey Team”  on site to be sure their guests left with a better understanding of  Bergey's commitment to serving their customers with state of the art technology and the best products in the market.
Duane Bergey, President, Bergey Tire comments; “With 50 years retreading experience and expertise, we recognize the RINGTREAD® technology as the most advanced retreading technology in the world.  We have been producing the RINGTREAD® for six years at our plant in Perkasie, PA. and it continuously distinguishes us from our competitors. We are totally committed to serving our fleet customers with the best products and services possible and I think this new plant shows how far we will go to reduce their costs and help them be successful.” 

The Bergey family has been in the tire and retreading business in Pennsylvania since 1924.  Bergey’s is a full service commercial tire dealer handling new truck tires including, Michelin, Continental, General, Toyo, and Yokohama.  Bergey Commercial Tire Centers are located throughout eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Virginia and provide top-notch 24-hour service to all customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.  The Bergey’s Group also operates car and truck dealerships representing Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Buick, Chrysler Jeep Dodge, GMC, Volvo, Mack and Isuzu.  Additional businesses include Tire and Auto stores, Fuel Centers, Car Wash, and Truck and Van Accessory distribution.
Marangoni S.p.A. is a worldwide leader in retreading technology and systems.  Marangoni Tread N.A. distributes it’s premium retread product RINGTREAD® through a network of RINGTREAD® Dealers across North America.  RINGTREAD® is a continuous contoured  precure tread that excels in mileage, reliability and wear characteristics. The contour of the RINGTREAD® is designed to match the natural curvature of a casing to maintain balance, cool running and even wear. RINGTREAD® is available in multiple tread designs, based on application demands, for optimum performance. The revolutionary product eliminates the tread splice in precure treads, which then eliminates any weak spot or heavy spot in the tread, which could lead to poor performance or even failure.

RINGTREAD® has been manufactured and distributed in Europe, by Marangoni® since 1976.

Contacts: Duane Bergey 215-799-3501, Jim Farrell 215-450-5901

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