For the Retreader


Practically speaking, with the saved material you can retread 1 extra tire every 16 and a half tires.With today high material costs very solid advantage, don't you think?

You may ask, how is it possible to estimate this saving in such an exact way? Saving is not a matter of opinion: let's calculate it together. Compared to a regular conventional tread the material-savings obtained with RINGTREAD System comes from four factors, each one of them corresponds to a precise saving percentage:

  • no waste 2%: tread ends become oxidized and must be thrown away.
  • concave pressing 1%: the flat tread circumference is always the same, while in the RING it decreases near the shoulders.
  • guaranteed and uniform stretch 1%: conventional tread cannot be stretched in the splice area.
  • smaller average undertread 2%: thanks to radial pressing the RINGTREAD undertread is uniform on all its base surface.

The resulting sum gives a total minimum saving of 6%.